Traditionally British and lovingly handcrafted. 

Using the finest ingredients where ever possible. We thrive to becoming known as the best producer of top quality handmade pies and the purveyor of English classics.
We firmly believe that a pie without a first class pastry will always be a disappointment. Using the finest flours and fats we create the perfect crispy pastry to surround our delicious fillings.
We do occasional runs of novelty pies such as Irish Shepherdless and Gourmet Steak & Stilton. We are always developing new flavors to add more specialty pies in the future.

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Currently we’re looking to increase our pie repertoire and so we’re turning to you for help! Let’s get a debate going, feel free to write a review. It could be about our pies, your pies or anyone else’s pies. The best blogs or reviews will be featured on our website as well as Facebook page. As a reward we’ll invite you and a friend in for a complementary pie meal! Contact us for me details.