16 Mar

Get your pie fix every Weds at Arcade!


Do you crave for a perfect pie in the middle of the week? You can now get your pie fix at Arcade every Wednesday! Imagine having a moreish savoury pie full of rich and delicious ingredients and then wash it down with some of the best beers and cocktails… Hmmm 

We sold out incredibly quickly the first week, so we made sure Arcade stocks plenty to ease your pie-hungers. So come down and share some pie love with us!

Arcade is at 2/F, #57 Fuxing Xi Lu near Yongfu Lu. | 复兴西路57号2楼

每周三Arcade新鲜出炉派之夜!我们与Pie Society合作为大家带来美味可口的英伦派,只用天然黄油,放养鸡产的鸡蛋,本地新鲜蔬菜,手工制作。

上周太受欢迎销派速度惊人,所以本周我们为各位准备了十足的份量!好派配好酒。快来尝尝上海最好的派,就在复兴西路57号2楼 Arcade。

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